Almost 2 weeks to go!

We are almost 2 weeks away from Reiss’ arrival (assuming she doesn’t decide to come early). So far, our weekly non-stress tests have been going well and this past week marks the first time my OB checked for progress. No dilation yet!

My last day of work is September 28th and I will go up to St. Louis on Sunday, September 30th and stay with one of my best gal pals while I mentally prepare for induction on October 3rd. I have mixed emotions about induction – scared, happy, excited, worried, stressed, anxious…. I think that Roy and I have a great support group, though, who will help us through it.

Roy will actually not make it up to St. Louis until Tuesday evening since he only has so many vacation days he can use this year. While Reiss is in recovery (approximately 2 weeks), he will be traveling back and forth from Springfield to St. Louis.

Reiss’ Room
Her room is ready! See pictures below.








2 thoughts on “Almost 2 weeks to go!

  1. Katie and I are thinking and praying for you guys, and your soon arrival!! Let us know if you guys need anything at all over the up coming months, (people just say that but we are serious anything!). Very excited for our babies to meet, little Gage William is due on November 10th.. Brian 417-860-5486 Katie 417-619-0680.

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