37 Weeks

We are 13 days out today!

Updates this week:

  • Monday’s non-stress test went just fine.  We also did a growth ultrasound where they estimated her weight around 6 lbs 10 ounces.
  • Today I had an OB checkup where he saw a little bit of progress.  I am dilated, but not even to a 1.  That is good, though.  One, that doesn’t mean I have to rush (at this point) up to St. Louis.  Two, being dilated at the time of induction could decrease the amount of time in labor.

Next week I will have a non-stress test on Monday and Friday (they do not like to go over 7 days without a non-stress test.  Since I will be in St. Louis on October 3rd, we decided to do 2 next week), as well as another OB appointment on Friday.  Then off to St. Louis!  I thought 9 months would go by so….slow…..but it seems to have flown by.

Want to guess Reiss’ weight, length, and birth date/time?

My mother-in-law set a game up on ExpectNet.com.  Feel free to venture a guess!  There are no prizes – other than the joy of being right :).  You’ll have to put in the game name in the upper left hand corner.  Game Name:  babykaderly1

Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers! We really appreciate them.

Sara, Roy C., Reiss

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