In waiting

Roy and I just left our baby girl in the hands of the doctors around noon today. It was just as hard as imagined. However, we believe in the doctors’ skills and have faith that the Lord will guide their hands as they work to place the stent successfully. The nurse just updated us on her progress. They placed the stent and she is doing well. The procedure is almost done. Once they have her settled in the CICU, they will let us see her. Meanwhile, Roy, grandparents and I wait in the parents lounge. At least we have post season baseball on the t.v. to pass the time and keep our minds occupied.

Brain MRI results
Earlier today the doctors went through the MRI results and pictures. They are happy with how her little brain is developing. There are many folds, which is good. The major cabling networks of the brain are developing well and all connections are looking fine.

They did find one abnormality in the brain. It was a small black dot on the MRI (see picture of a horizontal cross section of Reiss’s brain below). They called this an infarct, or a “mini stroke,” in the brain. This lesion does not have blood in it, though, and is something that seems to be prevalent in patients with heart conditions. In fact, 30-40% of children born with heart conditions will have these types of lesions on their brain. This could have happened in utero or after birth, but there is no way to tell.

A neurologist did a physical exam on Reiss to make sure everything was fine and it was. The lesion is not in a major motor area and should not affect development in anyway. Baby brains continue to develop as they grow the first to three years. Therefore, Reiss’s brain will continue to develop normally around the lesion as she grows. According to doctors, there is no difference developmentally between children with and those without infarcts.

We are glad we agreed to the MRI. If the infarct causes any issues in the future, we at least already know it is there. It also eases our worries on future development issues knowing everything is in place and growing on schedule.

Sara, Roy, and Reiss




4 thoughts on “In waiting

  1. So glad you are getting good news, Sara. Your family remains in our prayers. I know it is hard on everyone but so glad you are all there together. Family means everything. Reiss is lucky to be surrounded with so much love.

  2. Cindy has kept us posted through texting and I have followed all this closely! I am so happy that the stent procedure went well and that the shunt wasn’t needed. I have been so nervous for you and your family today. I can’t imagine all the emotions you have gone through today. I just wanted you to know that we back home have had you all in our thoughts and prayers. I am so looking forward to meeting Reiss!

  3. Beautiful baby! Great picture of daddy and princess! We are still praying for all of you and cant wait to meet her. She sure looks like Roy in these pictures! Love to all

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