Baby Reiss did well during her procedure. The doctors were able to put the stent in place successfully. They also found some extra blood vessels that she grew on her own in response to reduced blood. They blocked these vessels off to avoid issues with them in the future.

She is currently sedated and will be for a total of six hours. They do this so that she lies flat while the catheter entrance point has time to clot.

We appreciate the prayers and thoughts during this time. We are waiting for her to be weened off of sedation and see how she does with fluids before introducing her to food again.

Hopefully everything continues to go well and we can go home in about a week. I have attached a picture of the quote on Reiss’s wall in her room in the CICU and one of her post-op.

Sara, Roy, and Reiss



2 thoughts on “Post-op

  1. She is so cute Sara, Im saying a prayer for you all to go home in a week, I cant wait to meet sweet baby Reiss 🙂

  2. Such a sweet picture. She is a beautiful baby Sara. Praying that all will continue to go well and you all will be coming home very soon. Looking forward to meeting Reiss! God is good all the time!!!

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