6 weeks and growing

I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks already.  That sounds like a short time, but feels like an eternity.  She was 8 lbs 15 oz on Tuesday!  She has a strong grip, is starting to coo, follow us with her eyes and smile in response to us talking to her.  Reiss is eating well, except for a puke or two weekly, and her oxygen levels stay in the 80’s for the most part.  

Home health nurse

Our home health nurse started administering synagis shots this month to help prevent RSV disease.  The nurse visits, which were multiple times per week, will go to once a month starting in December – only for these shots – since Reiss is doing so well.  We have our last visit of November this Friday.


Reiss had an X-ray, echo and EKG at her cardiologist appointment this month.  The doctor said the size of the stent is still looking good.  As mentioned before, if Reiss’s oxygen levels start trending lower prior to the 6 month mark, we may have to go back up to St. Louis to widen the stent.  The doctor said that there is no way to forecast if this will happen.  Reiss’s oxygen levels could stay at her current levels from now until six months.  Either way – trending lower or staying the same – she will still have a corrective surgery around April.  We will see the cardiologist again around December 21st.


We also went to see the pediatrician this month.  Reiss got a clean bill of health!  We will see the pediatrician again the first week of December.  This will be her 2 month appointment, which means shots (gulp!).

 Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!  Enjoy the attached pictures.  We have pictured some of the friends and family who have visited us.  Unfortunately, I do not have everyone pictured – I do not always remember to take a picture during these visits.

Sara, Roy and Reiss

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