Growing girl, Lowering stats

We have a TWO MONTH old!

The past two months have flown by!  I am back and work and liking what is now our “normal” schedule.  We are fortunate to have an in-home babysitter – thanks Mama Cindy! – which makes leaving for work each morning much easier.  Plus, I don’t have to get Reiss out in the elements in these winter months.

We had our two month appointment last week.  She weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. and had her first round of immunizations.  Reiss did not like this! I didn’t tell her there are more shots in her future.

Lowering Stats

Reiss’s oxygen saturation levels have decreased since our last post.  It is normal for this to happen in patients with PDA stents.  Her oxygen saturation levels which were once in the upper 80’s at rest are now in the mid 70’s.  Reiss will get an x-ray, echo and EKG  on Thursday to see just how narrow the stent has become.  Apart from seeing the stats decrease, we also see the amount she eats per feeding has decreased, she has become lethargic, and more fussy than usual.  All of these are symptoms of decreasing oxygen saturation levels.

If the stent has narrowed, we will need to make a trip back up to St. Louis to have the same sort of catheter procedure she had done last month.  This time, they would insert the catheter into the PDA and blow the balloon up to widen the existing stent.  This would buy Reiss some more time to grow for the complete repair down the road.

Things I Like By Reiss MaeLene

On a positive note, here are some items that Reiss likes or does well!

  • Listening to Gerry the Giraffe


  • Mommy and daddy talking to me
  • Holding hands – this sometimes helps me sleep!


  • Practicing sitting up
  • Staring at the ceiling fan
  • Smiling, giggling, cooing


  • Kicking my legs like crazy
  • Holding my head up


  • Watching Duck Dynasty with Daddy
  • Bath time
  • Following objects from left to right
  • Sleeping 6-7 hours at night (mommy likes this too!)


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