Merry Christmas

Here is an update on our appointments this week.


We went to see the pediatrician this week because Reiss had some blood in our stools.  Looks like the increase (she always has some due to the medicines she takes) could have been due to the vaccines she received last Friday.  We are to watch it over the next week to see if it decreases back to its normal level.  Reiss had to get her blood drawn to see if there was anything wrong.  That wore her out.  She cried through the whole ordeal, then went to sleep almost instantly afterwards.  We are also waiting on the results of a stool culture to make sure there is nothing wrong there.


Reiss had to get an x-ray before our meeting with the cardiologist.  In order to keep her still, they had to put her in a crazy contraption.  The Pigg-O-Stat™ Immobilizer/Positioner looked like some torture device and I think Reiss was thinking that it felt like one.  She actually cried more in that device than she did when they drew blood.  Again, directly after she went to sleep.  A long day of doctor visits is enough to wear her poor body down, let alone drawing blood and going through the x-ray process.

She also had an echo and EKG at the cardiologist.  The doctor saw that the stent was the same width as it was during our last visit a couple of weeks ago.  He thinks her stats are decreasing because she is getting bigger, but will go ahead and send the information to our cardiologist in St. Louis to make sure she is in line with his findings.  Her oxygen saturation level was 77 at the office.  If her stent was closing, that reading would be below 70.  A trip to St. Louis will not be warranted until this stat stays below 70 consistently at home and at the doctor’s office.  Soooo…..we will continue to watch her stats closely and help her grow and develop as normal as possible.  We have another cardiologist appointment in two weeks.

She did gain weight week over week – 10 lbs 5.5 oz at the pediatrician’s office.  Reiss is up and down on the amount of milk she eats each day, which worried us.  Both the pediatrician and cardiologist were happy with her weight gain, though.

Merry Christmas

After a long day of tests and doctors, we decided to come home and take a long nap.  The rest gave us enough energy to put up the tree and take some pictures! Merry Christmas from our home to your’s!

Christmas card

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