Visits with Papa Mark, Dr. Tong & Santa!

dec 2012 3

The past couple of weeks have been filled visits with family, doctors, and Santa.  Reiss’s mullet is starting to fill out a bit on the top of her head, while she is wearing down a bald patch in the back.  🙂 

Papa Mark

We visited Papa Mark in the hospital a couple of times this month.  For those of IMG_1606you who do not know, Papa had a “mini stroke” on December 9th and was admitted into the hospital that day.  He was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis, which his mother also had.  The stroke caused weakness and some immobility on his left side.  Papa is very lucky the severity of this stroke was only weakness and only some paralysis.  Each day he worked with the doctors to retrain his limbs to move as they once did.  Once he transferred to the physical therapy floor, he was able to put a more concentrated effort towards gaining strength on the left side and since then has seen positive results daily.  Reiss can’t wait for Papa to be able to hold her again!  

Papa did receive GREAT news this week.  He will be discharged on Thursday, December 20th!  Mama has been busy creating a safe environment at home for Papa, as well as getting some necessary equipment.  He will undergo outpatient therapy three times a week at Mercy and will not be able to drive for 90 days from the incident.  The doctors do believe he will be able to make A FULL RECOVERY!  How blessed he is!  Reiss loves her Papa. 

Dr. Tong

Reiss had a cardiologist appointment with Dr. Tong this week.  She weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds!  What a big girl!  She did the routine echo and EKG, which showed that the stent is still at its original size.  Since everything else is growing while the stent is staying the same, we will continue to see a decrease in her oxygen saturation levels.  Her information from this appointment will be sent to the cardiologists in St. Louis.  Hopefully we will know by the 27th whether or not they believe she will need another procedure to widen the stent.


Reiss had a special visitor this month!  Santa graciously took time out of his busy schedule to mak a trip to Reiss’s house to visit her.  He must have known she would not be able to visit him during one of his appearancesIMG_3345 at Bass Pro or the mall due to the flu/cold/RSV season. Reiss didn’t know what to think of him at first.  His beard was scruffy and tickled her cheek!  He put her to sleep while reading her a book, but that didn’t last long.  The event wore her out.  After sitting with Santa, she took a bottle and went straight to bed! Emma and Ellie got to visit with Santa also!  They were a little hesitant and decided to avoid all eye contact until they were sure about this stranger in their house.  IMG_3352


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