In recovery

Reiss is out of recovery and resting in the CICU. They injected due to see the flow through the arteries and the stent. When they did this, they noticed narrowing at both ends of the PDA. Even when they inflate the balloon in the stent, they noticed some narrowing against the balloon. This told the doctors that there was some elasticity to the vessel. To combat this, they not only widened the existing stent, but also placed another bigger stent to add stability. Reiss’s stats before the widening were 68-72 and they think we will see upper 70’s/low 80’s afterwards.

She must lie flat for 6 hour post-procedure to decrease the bleeding risk. To help her stay calm, they have sedated her. Her voice/cry is a little raspy from the breathing tube she had in earlier and she currently does not have a pulse in her left foot, which is always a possible side effect of a cath procedure through an artery in the leg. They are checking the foot every hour.

She should wake up some time in the wee hours of the morning – maybe 1:00am? At that time they will see if she will take some pedialyte. If she takes that fine, she will move back to milk.


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