Almost outta here

I finally got to hold (a screaming) baby girl around 1:45am. She is slightly swollen from fluids given to her during the procedure. Her pulse is back in both feet after they pushed heparin plus an additional, stronger blood thinner over night. She is in good spirits today already – eating, talking and laughing.

We just had an X-ray and echo to look at how the stent was doing and to check for fluid. The doctor just took her off of the heparin since she has a pulse in both feet and there is no fluid around the heart. We should be able to go home today, but it could very well be tomorrow.

Pulmonary Arteries
They did find that the right pulmonary artery is larger than the left. Once the full repair is complete, they hope this will correct itself and do not see any complications in the future because of the size difference.

Complete repair
The doctors think that this stent will last Reiss until late Spring/early Summer. At that time, they will do the complete repair. However, if at any time between now and then we see her sats drop to the low 70’s again, we may have the repair sooner.

The doctors in St Louis will review the echoes, EKGs and X rays from today when determining the plan of action for the repair. We are not sure when we will know a date or what the actual procedure will be.

We are ready to get home, get Reiss fully recovered and back to her normal happy self!






One thought on “Almost outta here

  1. Sounds good Sara! Looks like she’s ready to go and get moving on her growing and learning!!! Enjoy! Thanks so much for the updates!!

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