4 Months!


Reiss is now 4 months old!

Neurologist Visit

Reiss had a new patient visit with a pediatric neurologist in town last week.  This was just a routine new patient visit.  We needed a nuerologist in town to follow her infarct – this reduces the amount of trips to St. Louis.  The neurologist said she looks great and it is hard to even tell she has any issues.  We have a follow up visit in 6 months.



We had our first solid food this weekend – avocados.  Reiss thought they were weird.  She didn’t eat much, but did okay for her first time eating with a spoon.


Super Bowl

Reiss had a great time at the Super Bowl party this past Sunday.  She was yelling at the calls just as much as daddy and his friends!



Developmental Milestones

Reiss talks more and more every day. She has rolled over a couple times from her belly to her back.  We are still working on this – tummy time isn’t her favorite. 🙂  She loves to reach for things, try to push buttons, see cousins on Facetime, hang out in the exersaucer, blow bubbles and chew on everything!


IMG_0539  IMG_0580IMG_0627   

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