Heart update


Reiss had a cardiologist appointment this week where she got her normal EKG and echo tests completed.  All looked great for this 13 1/2 lb baby girl, according to the doctor.  He did cover a couple of things as mentioned below

Date of Complete Repair

The doctors in St. Louis estimated that her complete repair would be somewhere in the late Spring to early Summer.  Our doctor here in town estimated that to be around May or June – assuming there is no narrowing of the stent, and she continues to grow at a steady rate.  We have scheduled a follow up visit in town 4 weeks from now and will schedule another follow up visit 6 weeks from that date, which will put us in the mid-April time frame.   At that point we would schedule the complete repair based on her stats – that way we are on the schedule and can plan accordingly.  This could very well not pan out as expected, though.  Many factors could cause a decrease in oxygen saturation levels, such as the stent narrowing or rapid (at least at a faster pace than we have seen) weight gain.  I am hoping all stays normal and we see a gradual decrease in oxygen saturation levels as the doctor discussed.  First, we want Reiss to be as big and healthy as possible to help ensure a smooth surgery and recovery period.  Secondly, It would be much easier to have the complete repair when Roy is on Summer “break.”  I put break in quotations because we all know Summer is not a break for football coaches!  At least he would not have to worry about having a fixed amount of vacation days left to spend with us in St. Louis.

Post Repair Expectations

The doctor discussed a couple things in terms of what to see post-repair.  First, we should expect the recovery period in St. Louis to be 2-4 weeks.  The time frame on recovery is dependent on how well Reiss does in surgery and how quickly her little body can bounce back.  Second, we should not expect to be on Aspirin or Plavix after the repair.  In fact, it is possible that the only meds she will be on post op are only temporary.  She will have a large scar, which we will have to make sure does not get infected.  We will also make sure she does not have a fever or retains fluids.  I expect to visit the cardiologist frequently once we are back in town.

New Things

Reiss continues to do more and more each day.  This past week she has found both feet and rolled from belly to back, as well as back to belly.  She has also started to notice the dogs more, reaching for them as they walk by.  Watch out if you are one of the lucky ones who gets to hold her.  She has a mean fish hook and can find even the smallest amount of hair with her tiny death grip.

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