Thoughts about scars…

I was thinking tonight about how here in a couple of short months pictures like this will include a large scar on Reiss’s chest – a scar from a surgery she will have multiple times throughout her life. I find myself laying a gentle hand on her chest…There are so many things that can go wrong, so many emotional hurdles as Reiss gets to an age where she understands more. I pray Reiss will be blessed with amazing self confidence and strength as she goes through this journey.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts about scars…

  1. Sara — We talk about Emma’s scar with her a lot. At this point we refer to it as her “lucky scar” and let her show it off to people. That’s as simple as it gets with a 2 1/2 year old 🙂 We want her to know how proud of that scar we are because it means she has a healthy heart. I realize it will be different for you as Reiss will have multiple surgeries and Emma only had to have one, but if you can, always make it a positive for her and hopefully she will grow up and be proud of her “lucky scar”. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!

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