5 Months!

Reiss turns 5 months old today!

(Thanks for the outfit Aunt Carey!!)

She is growing and doing new things every day. Reiss’s oxygen saturation levels have been mid to high 80’s recently, which is a little down from the mid 90’s we saw when we came home from getting her stent widened. Her weight Friday was 14 lbs 6oz, she was 25 inches long and her head circumference was 16 inches. Our home health nurse was impressed with Reiss’s stats. Reiss may be at or below average compared to the general population, but when compared to other babies with heart conditions she is above average. Usually heart babies have trouble gaining weight.

Reiss is a happy baby who loves to bounce, talk, play and chew! Here are some things Reiss is doing on a pretty consistent basis:

  1. Sticking out our tongue
  2. Laughing at the dogs
  3. Grabbing for the dogs
  4. Reaching for EVERYTHING
  5. Talking
  6. Jumping in the jumperoo
  7. Blowing bubbles
  8. Sucking on our upper lip
  9. Eating our toes
  10. Eating our socks
  11. Knawing on our fingers
  12. Chewing on EVERYTHING
  13. Sitting up without help
  14. Rolling over belly to back and back to belly, but mostly belly to back
  15. Bath time is more fun – it now includes trying to eat toes and splashing mommy

Additionally, she has been a bit crabby on and off because of the TWO TEETH she now has! We have tried solid foods – avocados, bananas and rice cereal – but she does not seem to care about them. She puked the last time and I haven’t tried since. Our doctor recommended waiting until she was 6 months to try again.

Going on this month

We have a cardiologist appointment this week. After that appointment, we will most likely schedule a follow-up for mid April. Reiss will also receive her last synagis shot at the end of the month. Other than that, we are just playing and growing!



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