6 months!

6 monts

Sweet baby Reiss MaeLene is 6 months old today!


Reiss was 15 pounds 1.5 ounces at her last (hooray!) synagis appointment last week.  She had a bit of a cold this past month, which meant mucous drainage, gagging and puking.  We think the puking caused her to not gain as much this month as she has in past months.  But she IS gaining weight, which is good.  She is starting to learn so quickly these days.  We learned over Roy’s birthday weekend (the big 3-0!) that she likes to grab drinks and pour them into mommy’s lap :).  She is rolling over – belly to back and back to belly – so that she just keeps rolling until she is off of her play mat. Reiss is also constantly testing the acoustics in our living room. They seem to be to her standards – as her high pitched squeals bounce off of the walls quite nicely.




Thanks, Uncle Kevin, for the amazing graphic! Please make plans to join us April 13th at 10am (9am registration) for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.  There will be a variety of distances from which to choose to accommodate a range of walkers.  We would like as many supporters walking with us as possible. There is no fee to walk.  If you would like to donate, or raise funds, please go to our team’s website to do so.  You can donate there or join our team. Again, donating and raising funds are both optional.  We hope to see you there!



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