Breathing treatments




We had a great time at the Heart Walk this past weekend.

Thank you to those who supported our Close to Heart team during our first Heart Walk!  Our team raised a total of $954 for the American Heart Association.  A portion of our t-shirt sales, personal donations, and donations from friends and family all went into that number.  Way to go! As a whole, the Pediatrix Cardiology team raised $4,555.75.  Don’t worry.  If you meant to donate, but forgot, you can still do so.  Visit our team page to donate today:  CLOSE TO HEART.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s Heart Walk April 12th, 2014.

Unfortunately, baby girl could not make it. Reiss seems to be battling with congestion lately. She had nasal congestion for two weeks, then was better for a week. This week she started with chest congestion. We decided to take her to urgent care after the heart walk. It turns our she did have a little bug and a mild ear infection. Therefore, the doctor sent us home with nebulizer treatments and some antibiotics. Hopefully these will help her breath well in order to eat and sleep better. This week has been filled with coughing, gagging and puking ….again.  However, besides the occassional puking, she is in good spirits.  She is rolling around as she pleases and is also showing signs of maybe crawling soon.  Reiss loves to go outside when the weather is nice and watch the dogs run after each other In fact, you can see a video of her laughing at the dogs here.

Upcoming Appointments

We are anxious to have our May 7th appointment with the cardiologist and possibly get a date for the complete repair. Reiss’s oxygen saturation levels are still in the low 80’s – which is good.  We wonder if they will wait for the stats to drop into the low 70’s before the repair, or if they will go ahead and schedule it regardless of the stats.

I have mixed emotions about the repair.  I am ready and excited for it to be completed, but am also worried about the outcome.  In the beginning we were told that Reiss could very well be slow developmentally due to her heart condition, as well as the infarct in her brain.  This has not been the case, however.  She is either on schedule or ahead of schedule on a variety of developmental milestones.  I hope that this is an indication of how she will respond to surgery – strong and ahead of schedule.  However, just as the catheter procedure had its long list of “what if’s”….so does the open heart surgery.  It is scary, and hard to not think about the most negative of outcomes.  All we can do is hope for the best, cuddle with our little cutie and know God has a plan for our us.

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