7 Months and Cardiologist Appointment

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7 Months

Reiss turned 7 months this week! I can’t believe it has been that long since we eagerly awaited her arrival in St. Louis last October.  She is starting to get into EVERYTHING!  Reiss has 5 teeth – 3 up top and 2 on the bottom.  She loves sweet potatoes, squash, avocado and peas.  Crawling is pretty easy for her, but she prefers to stand up if you let her.  We are going to have to stop standing her up so she can learn to crawl – which will hopefully happen this month.  Reiss loves to go outside, laugh at Emma and Ellie, and watch her cousins run around.

Cardiologist Appointment


We had a cardiologist appointment today.  She weighed 16.8 lbs and was 26 inches long.  EKGs, echos, measuring, and weighing this little girl is getting harder and harder since she has turned into such a wiggle worm.  Her stent is still wide open, so her oxygen stats are staying in the low-mid 80’s.  All the information from today’s appointment will be sent up to St. Louis today for review.  Hopefully, Reiss’s case will be placed on the agenda for the weekly conference meetings, which are held each Wednesday.  If we do not hear anything back in two weeks from our cardiologist or the scheduling department from the Children’s Hospital, we are to call our cardiologist.  We hope to be able to schedule the surgery after Roy gets out of school, but before football ramps up mid-Summer – but that all depends on what other cases they have and the severity of those cases.  As long as Reiss’s stats stay in the 80’s at rest, she isn’t considered a case that needs emergency surgery.

I think we are all ready to get this full repair on the road! I’m excited to see how she does post-op.  Maybe she’ll have even more energy after her heart is repaired? I hope so!

7 months pics

One thought on “7 Months and Cardiologist Appointment

  1. Hey Sarah…this is Lindsay Paulsell’s Mom. Don’t worry about the wanting to walk. Lindsay walked early and I am sure Kennedy will too as she has no desire to do anything but stand?!? I think both girls will be good athletes…they are off and running. Prayers continue for your little one!

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