Night 1

I thought I would break down when the nurses had to take Reiss from me before surgery. That was not the case. We were all fine before and during the surgery. Now we have a swollen, slightly sedated, hurting baby that we can’t cuddle. This is most definitely the hardest part.

The nature of the surgery causes pressure in the head. So she is in pain from that, as well as from the incision on her chest. They are working with her pain meds right now but it looks like tonight will be a night full of baby cries, moans and tears. The nurses have told us that this surgery creates horrendous headaches. We can at least touch her head and hold her hand.

We pray the pain meds work and this night goes quickly.


7 thoughts on “Night 1

  1. Robbie and I are praying for you all! We know God has his loving arms wrapped around you all and Reiss super tight!

  2. Sara, we had no idea of what you’ve been going through. Reiss is a beautiful baby and has been on a difficult journey, but I can tell by reading that you are a remarkable mother and you have God on your side. We will now pray for Reiss and your family. Your dad and mom are very special to us and we hold you as dear friends. May God continue to bless your little angel as she recovers..

  3. Prayers from Marshfield for Baby Reiss to have as much comfort as possible tonight and for you as well. Just remember, God’s got this and He has loaned us these little angels to parent because He trusts our love and devotion. Praying now.

  4. Sara, we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. We pray for a speedy recovery and that little Reiss finds comfort soon. I know how hard it is not to be able to hold your baby when they need you the most, but you being right there beside her for her to see mommy’s face and hold mommy’s hand means everything to her. Keeping Reiss and you guys in our thought and prayers.

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