It’s a new day!

Yesterday was rough, and the early hours of today were probably worse. You will have to ask Roy about that since he was the one duty then. Reiss was crying most of the night, causing her saturation levels to decrease. The nurse upped her oxygen levels to help and around 1.30a she gave her Benadryl to help her sleep. They have fixed her meds enough to where she isn’t feeling as much pain and could get more comfortable to sleep. She will continue to have some level of pain – they can’t completely take it away without intubating and sedating.
This morning she had a routine X-ray done in her room and she needed some meds to help with her calcium levels. She also went from rose-colored lips to purple and her extremities were cold. They have given her more meds to help her vessels dilate in order for this to reverse itself.
Today they will be monitoring her to see if she is ready to start taking in fluids. They will be looking at blood pressure, breathing, and profusion (how quickly her skin bounces back to pink after you press on it, and the temp of her hands and feet).
Rounds are at 8am. We will be listening in to what to what the doctors say at that time.





3 thoughts on “It’s a new day!

  1. We love you all. Our prayers are with you, and we carry you in our hearts…XO Denis and Lynn and all the rest

  2. You are very loved. Have faith and trust in God’s promises. He loves you and Reiss more than ever thought possible. Prayers for His strength, comfort and peace beyond all understanding, as well as those caring for Reiss to have God’s discernment, knowledge and wisdom in caring for her. Love and peace.

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