Things are looking up

Reiss’s Progress

Lots of great things have happened since our last post.
1. Her catheter is out. She hated this, though. She screamed, got on all fours and turned purple. So the nurse gave her a sedative to calm her down.


2. After this mama Gay got to hold her!!


3. She had her first fluids…and I got to hold her. She normally takes 6 oz of formula per feeding at home. She had 6 oz of pedialyte and 3 oz of formula!


4. Her central line, which was a tube into her heart, is now out. She hated this as well, turned blue and had to take a bottle to calm down.

5. She has started opening her swollen eyes and showing her sweet personality. She started with telling our male nurse Hi! And also letting him know that a cow says Moo!


6. She loves her daddy. She said Dada! And tried to grab his hat.


7. We will probably move to the step down unit 7West tomorrow! Hopefully Reiss has progressed enough to leave by Monday at the latest.

Reiss is still on pain meds. Mostly Tylenol every 4 hours and Oxicodone as needed. Her head/face is still swollen, which causes a super bad headache.

She is eating well, she just needs to pee/poo to help reduce her swelling and fluids around her lungs and heart

Build A Bear

Something that is pretty cool is that the CICU is sponsored by Build A Bear. So, each time we are admitted into the CICU, Reiss receives a bear and a gift card to build one herself. They also provide two small hearts. Patients are asked to kiss them on both sides and say a prayer. One goes in the heart box displayed under the tv in the photo below. The other goes into the bear you build after you go home. What a sweet idea! I can’t wait to take Reiss to make a bear with a “special heart” once she is a little older.


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