Home by Monday

Reiss had her last hand iv taken out early this morning and kicked our her foot iv also. So…no more iv’s for baby! She is also off of all monitors. She only gets spot checks at this point. We are enjoying our time not tethered to a pole. :). We are on all oral meds now since she has no IVs.

The doctors would like to watch her over the weekend to see how she does on her oral diarrhetic. She was able to have a bowel movement last night and is now on stool softeners only on an as needs basis.

We will probably go home on Monday. We will have our echo, X-ray and EKG tomorrow. Since we aren’t tethered to a pole we will be able to visit other areas of the hospital…like the roof top garden or the children’s play room with Reiss! The nurse said having some time to play and be outside the hospital room can actually aid in recovery. Reissy needs some non-room time anyway. She has developed nurse anxiety — every time one gets close, she cries. Even if they aren’t touching her.

We are anxious to get home and settle into familiar surroundings and schedules so we can rest. Just when she gets to sleep here, she is woken up by someone poking on her.

Now we just wait for baby girl to heal. It will take 6 weeks for her sternum to heal completely but only a couple weeks for the skin to heal. During this time we cannot pick her up from under her arms and add to make sure the wound is clean and free of infection. She cannot take a bath for two weeks – sponge baths only. Her headaches should last for about two weeks. The pressure from the Glenn does make her face flush reds and purples when she is upset. This should gradually decrease between now and 3 years old.

At 3, they will reassess reiss’s situation by doing a cath procedure. This will allow them to see a better picture of what her heart looks like and how the blood is flowing. There is still a possibility she will be a candidate for a double ventricle heart at that point.

Thanks for all the prayers. They are most definitely working.


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