Testing results in

We had a long night last night. Reiss was up ever couple of hours either hungry or in pain. The problem is that she has many meds she has to take at different times – Tylenol for pain when needed, aspirin to reduce blood clotting, a diarrhetic to help her pee out excess fluids, and Pepcid to help with reflux – and she is fighting taking them to the point of upsetting her self into puking. It is hard to relieve her pain if she pukes the Tylenol. So we fight with that day and night. I think we just need to get home and in our comfortable surroundings. This will help out immensely.

Reiss had an echo, EKG and X-ray today. She. Hated. All. Of. Them. I am actually surprised she didn’t puke during any of the tests. She did wail the whole time, though, causing the tests to be harder to read. The doctors said the tests showed her lungs were clear, there was no fluid around the heart and there was no restriction on the Glenn shunt. So we are scheduled to go home tomorrow!!

Thank you to
– Hope for letting us use your house as our own time and time again
– our families and friends who were able to be here in St. Louis with us through this high stress time
– our families and friends who were unable to make it, but still supported us with kind words and encouragement
– the doctors and nurses of St. Louis Children’s Hospital for taking such good care of our baby girl
– our Prayer Warriors who posted, prayed, and shared our story. We believe in the power of prayer and know it had a hand in Reiss’s speedy recovery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!







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