Two week post-op visit


Reiss had her post-op visit with Dr Tong at Pediatrix Cardiology in town today. We started the day with an X-ray at Mercy hospital. Reiss remembered quickly her fear of nurses when we walked into the X-ray room. To top it off, they put her in this scary contraption.

Luckily, it did not last long. After getting our cd of images, we were on our way. Reiss and I stopped by NewStream and visited with my co-workers for a small break in between tests. By the time we made it to Dr Tong’s office, Reiss was already worn out!

Reiss did a good job during the EKG and echo, considering her dislike of nurses. I have to continually adapt my art of distraction during tests so the doctors can get the readings they need. Once we were in the room waiting on Dr Tong, she was all smiles. She had to warm up to Dr Tong when he came in the room, though. All tests came back readable and clear. No fluid around the heart or lungs. The flow looks good and the Glenn shunt looks good. We can take our twice a day diarrhetic down to once a day! Reiss has been taking her meds pretty easily this week – but one less dose per day will be great regardless! We will repeat today’s process – tests and doctor appointment – in a month. If all is clear then, we can completely stop taking the diarrhetic.









Reiss is doing really well at home. She is crawling around faster each day, is back to pulling up and is walking with assistance. Maybe she will be walking before her first birthday October 3rd??!! We shall see. In the mean time…let the party planning begin! We have SO much to celebrate. Thank you for the continued prayers.

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