Reiss is One!

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Reiss is One!

Our sweet baby is one! I would like to take this time to brag a little bit on her development over the past 12 months. Reiss can say so many words! Please, more, woof, moo, dada, mama, papa, puppies, pretty, bear, baby, up, hot, hat, out, hi (her favorite!), and bye-bye.  She stands up without help and can walk all around the house consistently these days and even tries running! I’m pretty sure she still thinks she is one of the dogs since she goes for their food and water bowl and tries to play with all of their toys.  Reiss loves bath time, saying hi to the cows, playing with her cousins, and feeding her baby dolls.

We celebrated her 1st birthday with a costume party with our friends and family.  What a great time! Unfortunately, Reiss – and her 12 (yes, 12!) teeth – decided that eating her skirt was number one priority.  So, she did not have her Queen of Hearts costume on for long.  You may see another siting of this get-up around Halloween, so be on the look out! Roy and I dressed up as playing cards.  We didn’t keep those on long either – I didn’t think the costume through.  It turns out that the card inhibits most movements.

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Cardiologist follow-up

At the end of September, Reiss had a follow-up appointment at the cardiologist to see how well she was doing post-op.   She still has a fear of doctors, nurses and hospitals.  We were fine at the hospital before we went into the X-ray room.  In fact, she was letting her personality shine as she said Hi! to everyone who walked into the lobby. Once we were in the X-ray room, though, she was stuck to me like glue.  They told us at St Louis Children’s Hospital that Reiss wouldn’t remember her days in the hospital due to sedation, but I think this smart cookie remembers everything.  She made it through the echo okay at the cardiologist’s office but her EKG was horrible.  She was crying too hard to get an accurate reading.  Her tests did not show any signs of fluid on the heart or lungs, and her Glenn shunt looked wonderful.  We were able to take Reiss off of her diuretic.  The only medicine she takes now on a regular basis is half a tablet of children’s aspirin once a day.

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12 month check-up

Reiss had her 12 month check-up yesterday.  Again, her fear of doctors set in quickly.   She wanted no part of being in her room, so we walked the hallways and looked at the Halloween decorations to distract her from the fact that we were in a doctor’s office.  That worked pretty well in between nurses taking stats and giving shots.

She was 20 pounds, 13.25 ounces and 28 inches long.  Those are both in the 50th percentile! That is so GREAT for a heart baby.  AND it is the best percentile she has been in for a while.  She had been running in the 30th percentile for much of the year.  Her speech, according to the doctor, is ahead of schedule.  Average speech at 15 months includes the ability to say mama, dada plus three other words.  She is WAY ahead of that!  He didn’t mention if 12 teeth was ahead of schedule or not – but I think it may be.  Also, as stated earlier, she is walking right now – the average age to walk is 13.5 months.  All-in-all, she is developing either on or ahead of schedule.  What a blessing!

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Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) Fundraiser

We are so excited to announce our first CHD fundraiser.  ThirtyOne now offers Awareness Ribbons as an embroidery option on a variety of products! Whether you would like to remember a loved one, celebrate a survivor or support a cause, this fundraiser is for you! You know…Christmas is just around the corner…(wink, wink).  Our friend Trista is graciously donating her commission on the order to help fund research and education for CHD!  The event runs October 1-19.  Order your ThirtyOne product today! Don’t want embroidery? That’s okay – all sales, regardless of size, color, product or embroidery, will be included in this fundraiser.  Tell your friends!

Did you know?

  • Twice as many children die each year in the US from CHD than from all childhood cancers combined
  • CHD are the #1 birth defects in the world, yet funding for pediatric cancer is 5 TIMES that of CHD

Add our Facebook Event to your Calendar

Go to the ThirtyOne Event and click SHOP NOW!

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