No More Neuro

No More Neuro

As most of you know, Reiss was born with an infarct on the right side of her brain.  It was unknown if this infarct occurred at birth or sometime in between birth and the MRI.  Therefore, we were given a pediatric neurologist consult to follow Reiss as she developed to make sure there weren’t any issues.  Reiss had an appointment yesterday morning with our local pediatric neurologist and were given GREAT news!  Reiss’s development does not seem to be affected by this lesion, so we do not have to visit the neurologist anymore! If we see anything we are worried about, we can make an appointment.  Other than that, she is good!  Not good…GREAT!

Halloween Fun

Reiss had a good time on Halloween dressed as The Queen of Hearts.  She dressed up for her neurologist appointment, visited Aunt Mandy’s, Mommy’s and Daddy’s work before taking a looooong afternoon nap.  Trick-or-Treating didn’t last long in the evening, though.  She slept through visiting Uncle Biney and got restless visiting cousin Cannon.  We had big plans to go around Springfield visiting family, but we didn’t make all of our stops.  She had a great time, though!

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