Reiss update and Heart Walk

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Reiss is 18 months

Reiss has had a bit of a rough go this winter in terms of sickness. She has had colds, a couple rounds of a virus and we are currently on our 3rd round of antibiotics for the 3rd ear infection in a row. The pediatrician doesn’t think tubes in her ears are an option at this point, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.  Each of these makes her vomiting increase.  Other than that, she is doing pretty well.  Developmentally, she is great! She is talking (her favorite word is NO! right now) and learning new words, sounds and expressions daily.  Reiss has started running – which has also increased her vomiting.  Since her oxygen saturation numbers are already lower at rest (pulse ox runs in the high 80’s), once she becomes active it decreases even more. When she gets excited and/or runs around too much she will try to catch her breath – which turns into coughing – which turns into puking.  Then she is good to go! It is hard to tell her to take a break at this point. But I am hoping that with age she can learn that – or with a second heart surgery she will have better oxygen saturation numbers.

Reiss loves to play outside and see her cows. We have a cow named “KiKi” that will be Reiss’s cow growing up. She loves to say “Hi, KiKi!”.  Reiss also likes to play with her dolls, read books about cows and pet the dogs.

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Touch Home, Touch a Heart

The Drury Baseball program and The Close to Heart team will partner to raise awareness and funds for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). Each run scored by the Drury Panthers during a five-game stretch from April 8th-13th will benefit education and research of CHD through the American Heart Association. If you would like to assist in this cause we are asking that you pledge whatever amount yoTouch Home Touch a Heartu feel able.  You may donate a flat amount on the Touch Home, Touch a Heart page as part of Close to Heart – Team Reiss. 

The “run” and fund total will be kept on the Panther Baseball webpage as well as announced at all home baseball contests during this event.  The Baseball Panthers averaged 6.5 runs per game last year. We would like to have all pledge cards turned in by April 1st, which will enable us to keep a running donation total, per run, throughout the month. The funds pledged will be due by April 26th.

The grand total of pledges committed will be presented to the American Heart Association at the Baseball Panthers April 26th Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day on April 26th.  Spoiler alert:  Reiss will be there to throw out the first pitch! If you would like to take part, please email Barb Cowherd at and pledge either flat donation or per run.  On April 26th, we ask that you wear red in support of this Congenital Heart Defect Awareness initiative.  A limited supply of “Touch Home, Touch a Heart” shirts will be available soon, for $10.00 with all proceeds benefiting CHD awareness and research.

If you are unable to help financially we encourage you to cheer on the Baseball Panthers as they turn up the heat on their opponents throughout the month of April for the American Heart Association.


2014 Heart Walk

The 2014 Heart Walk is at 10:00am on April 12th at the corner of Walnut Lawn and National in Springfield, MO.  We would love to have you come out and walk with us!  All proceeds collected by the Close to Heart Team go direct to CHD research through the American Heart Association.  

Visit our Heart Walk page by clicking on this link: and share with your friends!


reiss heart walk page


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