Looking at the Lungs

Reiss is looking better today, but is still coughing.  Thankfully, she hasn’t spit up any more blood.

Pulmonologist Consult

We talked to the pulmonologist today.  They have ordered a swallowing study – to see if she is aspirating anything when she swallows, and how much – and a CT Scan to get a better picture of the lungs.

Cardiologist Note

The cardiologist said everything looked good on the echo, except for one thing. Her right pulmonary artery was unable to be seen on the images.  We were told of a size difference the last time Reiss had a cath procedure, but were told that the right was larger than the left.  This something we will have to get clarification on after the tests.

They will use the CT Scan to also look at this artery and see if any intervention is necessary.  They also mentioned the possibility of a catheter procedure to look at this artery.  If he artery does need intervention, they would need to balloon it and place a stent.

A cath procedure will also need to be done in order to see how Reiss’s heart has grown since her open heart surgery ( Bi-directional Glen procedure) in August of 2013.


Reiss’s blood work looked good.  Her hemoglobin was back up to 15 (the end of Jan, it was 17; after bleeding during the scope procedure, it was 13), so that is good.

One thought on “Looking at the Lungs

  1. I hope you guys get Jeanee. She was the one that did Ali’s Swallow study and she was wonderful. We will continue to pray for Reiss and pray that she continues to get better soon. We love STCH and I know they will take wonderful care of her.

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