Pulmonary Update

They are finished with the CT Scan and the flexible bronch scope.  They did not go with the ridged scope at this point since they didn’t need any type of intervention.

They found…

  • Engorged blood vessels:  They found that Reiss’s blood vessels throughout her lungs were larger than normal.  The cardiologist will look to see if there are any collaterals feeding these vessels during the Diagnostic Cath procedure and block them off if found.
  • Blood Clot:  They found blood clot with a small amount of blood in her right lung and cleaned it out.  They took some for biopsy to make sure there isn’t any infection.
  • Irritated Area:  They looked at the cauterized area and saw that it was healing nice.  About a centimeter below this area, they found a small irritated area. They are not sure if this was new or old, but it could be the source of some of her bleeding.
  • Vocal cords swollen:  This could be from the breathing tubes she had last week.  They would like to continue with the plan to do the Swallowing Study to see if she is aspirating fluid or food.  We may just do this study in Springfield at a later date.

We will look at images later this afternoon and talk about it again at that point.

For now, she is in the cath procedure.  She could be in there for a couple of hours, depending on the amount of interventions needed.

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