Back to blood

Well, we had a good run.  Exactly two weeks ago, we were here in the ER at Mercy with the same issue. Reiss has coughed up blood 8-10 times today and puked up blood at least 4.  This is easily double – if not more – than last time. At this point, we are just waiting on our discharge papers that will allow us to drive ourselves to St Louis.  

At the end of our last stay in St Louis, we were told that this is her “new normal” and that if we see that amount of blood or less, to stay home.   After Reiss puked/coughed blood just before bed time, we decided this was enough to warrant our thurs hospital stay in 5 weeks. 

We don’t understand why this keeps happening and we can’t come to grips that this could be “our new normal.  We will be admitted into 8West (general pediatrics) upon arrival and hopefully we can get some answers this time. 

It is frustrating not knowing why this is happening and it is stressful trying to decide how much blood is enough to put Reiss through more doctors, more tests, more iv’s and blood draws — what if we come back with the same answer of “we don’t really know”?

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