Unexpected CICU Ticket

reiss july 2015


Remember our last post, where I mentioned Reiss was coughing up blood again?  Well, the blood increased in severity and appearance after her testing, which earned Reiss a ticket to the CICU.

After one of her coughing fits left Reiss gasping for air, crying and choking on her blood, they decided to send her to the CICU in case she needed to be intubated quickly.  On 7West, where she was, there is 1 nurse per 4 patients; 1 attending for the whole floor.  In the CICU, there is 1 nurse for 2 patients; 1 attending for 10 patients.

The Plan

During rounds, the doctors discussed Reiss’ case.

  1. Where is the blood coming from? They really don’t know right now.  It could be a collateral – but collaterals didn’t show up on her MRI.  It could be a tear in her trachea or wind pipe.
  2. Do we want to do a bronchoscopy? They are hesitant to do this.  They will be consulting with pulmonary to see if they see a reason to go ahead with the bronch.  If pulmonary would like a bronch, it will most likely be tomorrow.
  3. Does she need a cardiac cath?  They are hesitant on this, as well.  First, does she really need to go through the procedure?  Second, there is the issue of access.  As we have said before, access through her femoral artery is closed off now.  Last time, they went in through an access point in her neck, which has its own set of complications.  Cardiology would rather look at a CT Scan first to view the presence of collaterals prior to a cath.  If she coughs up more blood today, they will likely do a CT Scan.
  4. Does she need additional bloodwork?  They decided to stop the blood work for now.  They have been getting the blood through her iv, and they want to keep the iv for as long as possible.  So, they are giving it a rest for a bit as they observe Reiss.
  5. Can she eat right now?  She has been NPO – no food or fluids – since midnight.  Since they decided against the bronch and cath today, they are going to let her eat.

Basically, today is another day to observe Reiss.  At the earliest, we will go home tomorrow.  However, these blood episodes we have seen over the last 24-48 hours are so different, and scary.  Roy and I aren’t comfortable with just waiting to see if the blood subsides and then go home.

The last time she coughed was around 11pm yesterday.  The amount of blood was less, but it was still fresh, unclotted blood.  Reiss just woke up.  I expect to see the same type of blood coughed up this morning.

Charity Concert

Tonight is the Members Only – 80’s tribute band concert at Summers at the River!

Roy and I will obviously not be able to make it.  We will have a substitute team in our place, though!

Monetary Donations

There will be an opportunity to make a monetary donation – proceeds go towards research and education for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) through the local American Heart Association

Toy Donations

toy donations for the sweet CHD children (like Miss Reiss) admitted in the hospital in St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

I know what you are thinking – why are we collecting donations for children in St. Louis instead of the children of Springfield.  Unfortunately, Springfield is not setup to care for our CHD children.  Springfield families with CHD babies are forced to go to either Kansas City or St Louis.  Therefore, by helping CHD children in either of these locations, you will be helping our local CHD children.  We chose St. Louis Children’s for this event since it is where Reiss gets the majority of her care.

Event Specifics

  • Where:  Summers at the River
  • Doors open:  6pm
  • Concert starts:  8:30p
  • Tickets:  $12/each

Bring the family out to this totally rad, 80’s, all ages show!  Food trucks will be on site.


So far this morning (all 20 minutes of her being awake), Reiss is doing well.  She is a little whiney because she hurts and doesn’t feel well.  But that doesn’t keep her from watching Frozen for the 10th time in 24 hours or giving us silly faces.

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected CICU Ticket

  1. Prayers for her, the medical team and all her loved ones. A special hug to you, sweet Sara from me ❤️


    1. Been out of town…just saw the post…our prayers are with Reiss and you and Roy. What’s wrong with Frozen? Seen it a dozen times myself. Hang in there Reiss-everyone is pulling for you!!!!!!!!!! Love you.
      Steve and Ella

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