Community Support and Surgery


Community Support

From Softball tournaments to bracelet sales to The Big Stick, we have seen a wide range of support from our Springfield and Marshfield communities.

Softball Tournament:  Thank you to all who created and helped run the tournament!  What a great success!  Other than my husband taking a hard-hit ball to his ankle, it was awesome.  Reiss and I were able to make it to the afternoon session.  She loved. every. second. Thank you to the teams and other volunteers, as well.  The proceeds for the event will help us pay for travel, medical, and pharmaceutical expenses for Reiss.

Read the story from The Marshfield Mail about the event.

Bracelet sales:  Thank you to my sister-in-law Mandy and mother-in-law Cindy for purchasing the bracelets and pushing them to friends, families and local businesses.  We love seeing pictures on Facebook of everyone sporting the red, heart jewelry.

T-Shirt Sales: Thank you to everyone who ordered a “Beautifully Broken. Perfectly Imperfect” orange shirt for surgery day.  I can’t wait to see a flood of orange this
Wednesday.  The proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go towards education and research for CHD through the American Heart Association.

CHD_Imperfect-15RKT shirt design

For the Marshfield Community, there is another shirt that you can order.  The RKT – “Reiss Kaderly Tough” – shirt (black graphic above).  Fill out the ORDER FORM. and send it in to First Glance Graphix.  The proceeds from the sale of the shirts will also go towards education and research for CHD through the American Heart Association.

Food:  Many from NSE brough in cash, gift cards and freezer meals to help us along this journey. Thank you!  Sometimes we forget the little things, like having to make a meal post-surgery, that could put us over the edge during a stressful event.  This will be so helpful.

CHD Awareness:  Everything above has helped us spread CHD Awareness.  Friday night, however, we were able to spread CHD awareness to a broader reach.  reach out to not only the Marshfield community, but to all areas of the Ozarks through the media.  The story I sent to the media is as follows:

“Two-year-old Reiss, who was born with a complex congenital heart defect, is slated to walk out with the Marshfield High School football team during their pre-game festivities at 6:45pm as part of the home opener Friday, August 21, 2015. She will be carrying the Big Stick, an honor reserved for the toughest of the tough on and off the field, as she leads the Bluejays into battle against the Ava Bears. Additionally, the Bluejays will sport a new adornment to their helmets – the RKT sticker, an acronym for “Reiss Kaderly Tough” – in support for Reiss as she prepares for her second open heart surgery next week. The event is to not only show support for Reiss, but also raise awareness for congenital heart defects (CHD).”

We had great coverage on the event through: (click on the links to see the story/shout-out)

Reiss had an amazing time. She loved being in the crowd, meeting new people, and being around the Marshfield Bluejay players and staff. Thank you to everyone who made that night a possibility!

There are many, many other people who have helped with other types of donations:  money, time, a venting session, a shoulder to lean on, and an open heart.  You know who you are. Thank you.


Our surgery journey starts tomorrow


  • 8:30am – Brain MRI.  Reiss has had headaches daily. The heart surgeon wanted an MRI of her brain prior to open heart surgery, so we quickly scheduled this one. As long as there isn’t anything concerning, she will continue with open heart surgery on the 26th.
  • The rest of the day:  blood work, x-ray, meeting with anesthesia, meeting with the surgeon.
  • We will not know an exact time of for surgery until we meet with the surgeon


  • As mentioned above, unless the brain MRI has something concerning, we will continue with surgery on Wednesday.
  • We also have second opinions still out, so that could also cause a delay in surgery.  As of right now, the plan is to continue with the Fontan.
  • Any other emergencies with other children could cause a delay in surgery, as well.


  • The surgeon estimates that we will be in the CICU for 3-4 days, then on the floor for 4-6 days.
  • This all depends on how well she responds, the healing process, if she coughs up blood, etc.


If you get a chance, please visit the Scribbles and Crumbs blog.  This woman, Lexi – a Missouri resident, is amazing.  Her words come from the heart as she mourns the deather of one of her children from complications with CHD and uses her blog to help others with similar loss.

It is easy for us to look at Reiss and see a sweet, strong little girl full of joy.  The reality of the situation is that CHD will constantly be waiting in the shadows, wreaking havoc on her little body.  Lexi, the author of Scribbles and Crumbs, writes the words that I feel in my heart, but can’t seem to put on paper.

Below is one of my favorite quotes from her.


The blog post associated with the picture is incredible.  Read the complete blog post here.

“We see them for who they truly are— little heroes. We know the secret— that sometimes the most heroic are those who, without needing words, teach the world what it means to love and to fight. Their fight is unfathomable. Their love is sweeter than life itself. Their impact can easily change the world. After all, it’s permanently changed ours.

We are the parents of these brave, chronically and critically ill children, whether we hold them in our arms for our entire lifetime or for a fleeting moment. We are theirs and they are ours, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Scribbles and Crumbs.


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