Forward progress

We have had some forward progress today – no, it does not include her heart conducting properly. 

  • Off of oxygen – and pulse ox is averaging 95 (praise the Lord!). So far, we have left the nasal cannula in “just in case”. 
  • Off of IV fluids – as long as she decides to eat/drink today
  • Off of steroids – were used to keep her blood pressure from plummeting 
  • Off of the pain meds – Tylenol only unless we ask for something stronger. We thought this could have been making her feel sluggish and she seems to be tolerating the pain well. 
  • The Reiss personality is mostly back – complete with jokes and general banter. You can tell she feels better.
  • She felt well enough to make a necklace today! See picture below. Usually she would start an activity, but stop 30 seconds in for whatever reason. 

Reiss continues to have some headaches and complains about a belly ache, as well. We are hoping she has her first BM (I know, TMI!) since Tuesday soon so that some of that discomfort and lack of appetite will go away. 

If we end up with a pacemaker later this week, that would be another surgery, having to open her chest again. It could set her back a little, but we expect her to be able to rebound well/quickly from that. 

No word yet on the CT Scan results. The surgeon has two cases today and we are not sure if he has had time to review her pictures. They decided to take her off NPO since she is having issues eating and drinking consistently. If we need to go back into the OR or take more scans, we will just have to be on NPO again and schedule accordingly. 

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