Additional procedure and other issues

We have only briefly talked to the nurse practitioner about a supposed plan for Reiss this week.  Here is a quick summary of what we know(ish).

  1. The CT Scan showed some narrowing at the left pulmonary artery where it connects with the conduit from the surgeon placed in her heart last week.  We are not sure what the exact issue is, or how they may fix it.  The surgeon may just wait until he is physically looking at it to make a decision.
  2. Her heart continues to not conduct.  So, they are 99% sure she will need a pacemaker.
  3. The pacemaker placement and a fix, whatever that may be, for the narrowing of the pulmonary artery can happen at the same time.
  4. We are looking at possibly tomorrow, but do not have a firm date/time.

Reiss continues to have issues with headaches and an upset stomach.  So far today, she has only been able to keep down a small amount of food after puking a couple times.  We are getting a little more aggressive with making sure she has a BM. Hopefully that is the source of her upset stomach and discomfort.  They have started her back on an IV fluid to help reduce the probability of dehydration.

On a good note, she has been on room air for over 24 hours – and her pulse ox has stayed in the mid-90’s!  We are ecstatic about this!  Previously, with her pulse ox in the low 80’s/high 70’s, her body was creating extra vessels (called collaterals).  These collaterals were bursting, causing her to cough up blood (hemoptysis).  With our pulse ox in the mid-90’s now, and hopefully that increases after we correct the pulmonary narrowing issue and heal, the risk for hemoptysis should decrease as time goes on.

We will let everyone know when we have a firm date/time on the next procedure.

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