UPDATE | In the OR

They took Reiss back to the OR after giving her sedation medicine for the separation from Roy and me. She went back to sleep easily. 

Emotions are high at this point – more than for her surgery a week ago. First, the fact that her heart stopped twice yesterday has us freaked out. Second, the emergency that delayed us included the need for CPR. We walked by that room as we left Reiss with the anesthesiologists and our minds turned to the worst in regards to Reiss. 

Please pray that God guides the hands of the doctors and nurses as they reopen Reiss’ sternum for this surgery. 

Pray Reiss stays RKT -Reiss Kaderly Tough. 

2 thoughts on “UPDATE | In the OR

  1. Heavenly Father, I lift Reiss to you again today. Father, please guide the surgeon’s hands & give him, as well as the other medical staff, the wisdom & skill to complete what needs to be done to make her heart work correctly. Father, I lift up Roy & Sara, to you, also. Please comfort them (& other family) as only you can do. Give them peace in knowing that You are in control & that You are the ultimate physician. Thank you, Father, for getting them this far. All praise goes to You! Amen.

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