Her heart is failing


After I wrote my previous post, I noticed that I didn’t exactly explain Reiss’ diagnosis. Here is a short list of items they found.

  • Severe right ventricle dysfunction – meaning her right ventricle isn’t squeezing properly.  IMG_6884
  • Moderate to severe leakage of her tricuspid valve.
  • Her heart was swollen because it had to work so hard.
  • Moreover, they found fluid around her heart, adding to the pressure on her heart.

As mentioned , the goal is to use medicine to help her heart function properly.

Why did this happen? We knew that right heart failure was a possibility given this type of surgery.  The fact is – her right ventricle was designed to push the lungs, not the body.  The amount of work needed to constantly push to the body would eventually fatigue the chamber and cause heart failure.  We thought this would happen in her teens, 20’s, or even 30’s – not 2 months after surgery.

It is unfortunate, but it is the hand that has been dealt.  We will continue with trying a medicinal approach to treating her condition.


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