Going to the Cath lab

Dr McKenzie came in and said he wanted a Cath to know the pressures in Reiss’ heart. An issue could be that the left ventricle’s pressure is too low, which is pulling the ventricular Septum and the baffle they use to close her VSDs towards it, thus pulling the tricuspid valve, causing the regurgitation.

  • If that IS the case, we will need open heart surgery to put in a smaller conduit, which will increase the pressure in the left ventricle and hopefully help the regurgitation. 
  • If that IS NOT the case, then they don’t really know what the issue is. One option is the additional lead placed on her ventricles (synchronization therapy), which we have mentioned before in previous blog posts. 

 But by the way he talked, it sounded like we needed some sort of surgical intervention before we go back home. We don’t know when we will have a Cath – depends on schedules this week.
So, now we are waiting on a Cath schedule, and the results from that Cath to know where we go from here. 

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