Waiting for Friday

reiss roseWe have an afternoon appointment on Friday to get a follow-up X-Ray and EKG, as well as speak to the cardiologist and hear from the surgery team on if they think surgical intervention is beneficial.  Until then, we have been exploring Houston – the Aquarium, Astros vs Cardinals baseball game, the Galleria.

Reiss is doing well this week.  She does has a minor cough occasionally throughout the day.  It is hard to know if this is from drainage, heart failure, or a side effect from her meds.  Other than that, she has been running and dancing everywhere she goes.

The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) allows her to be around a small group of children each day, which she loves.  Reiss also has become a social butterfly in the House, asking everyone what their name is and wanting to talk to each child and baby.  We have met a couple other heart families here, which gives us a face-to-face opportunity to talk about different types of heart issues and complications – some similar to Reiss’ condition, but mostly completely different.

Today, we are just taking it easy, playing games and doing crafts at RMH.

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